Beware the Poisonous Apple


A poem I wrote this morning during my study:

“Beware The Poisonous Apple”

Beware the poisonous apple,
Not the kind in all the fables,
But the one that’s in our pockets
And distracts us at our tables.

Beware the poisonous apple
Its poison brings social decay
It’s allure seems so attractive
And fixes our eyes on its display.

Beware the poisonous apple
That subtly numbs the heart.
It promises to make us connected
While tearing us all apart.

Beware the poisonous apple
Commonly called a phone
It has created many battles
And broken many homes.

Beware the poisonous apple
its most deadly symptom of all
Is to sleep through your children’s lives
And awake when they are no longer small

Beware the poisonous apple
It’s okay to silence its rings.
For life is so easily missed
When eyes are fixed on screens.


-Blake Hart

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