The Adamic Covenant (pt.2)

Adam’s Responsibilities within the Covenant Having argued for the existence of the Adamic covenant in pt.1 of this blog series the question then becomes what was Adam’s work or responsibility within the covenant framework? Many scholars and commentators argue that Adam was simply there to work as one who tended the garden for six days, … Continue reading The Adamic Covenant (pt.2)

The Adamic Covenant (pt. 1)

Introduction The person of Adam is central to biblical theology, and as such, Christian orthodoxy does not merely argue for the historicity of the first man, but demands it. The question, however, is why? Why, other than the fact that mankind comes from a single origin, or for explaining the introduction of sin into the … Continue reading The Adamic Covenant (pt. 1)

The Deity of Christ was Not Invented at Nicaea

Irenaeus and Nicene Language The Council of Nicaea’s debate and solution regarding the nature of Christ and the problem of the Trinity was not a novel discussion for the church. From as early as the mid to late 2nd century, heretical groups had already begun to espouse new teachings regarding the Godhead and the person … Continue reading The Deity of Christ was Not Invented at Nicaea

Looking for a Good Devotional?

After becoming a pastor, one of the goals that I had was to create material to help equip lay people of all spiritual maturity ranges with a deeper understanding of their Bible. In the world today, there are few things that Christians turn to more in order to get their daily dose of Bible than … Continue reading Looking for a Good Devotional?

The Battle for the Bible: The Rise of Higher Criticism and the Fight over Biblical Inerrancy

In the mid to late 19th century, two new areas of scholarship would forever change the landscape of Christianity: Darwinism and Higher-Criticism. Though most are aware of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, few are as familiar with higher-criticism. Higher-criticism ultimately owes its origin to German Biblical Scholars. The idea behind higher-criticism was to remove the supernatural … Continue reading The Battle for the Bible: The Rise of Higher Criticism and the Fight over Biblical Inerrancy

The “Free Grace” of Martin Luther

The Context of Luther Martin Luther was born in 1483 during a time when the Renaissance was permeating throughout all of Europe with the invention of Gutenburg’s printing press. He was born to a copper miner and grew up in Mansfield in the center of Germany’s mining industry. Luther originally went to the University of … Continue reading The “Free Grace” of Martin Luther